“I was spending all my time trying to get caught up at work and at home – I was always too far behind and too exhausted to consider the ‘long game.’ Being Coached by LeadThruExample helped me stop and think about what I was doing: reflect upon my life’s priorities, get rid of distractions, and refocus on the things that help move me forward. Now I have more time, more joy, and better success at the things I really want to do!”

-Linda D

Think for a moment about where your life is heading… Is it where you want it to be?

If you think “There has to be more than this”, or “I’m too stressed, distracted and hyperextended to even think that far ahead”, Lead Thru Example is perfect for you. We can help you take steps to unleash your potential to make a difference in the world. One practical step at a time!

We’re here to invite you to unleash your passions to make a difference in the world!

Lead Thru Example provides three primary services to help point its clients towards their significant life:

  • Personal Coaching to help individuals discover and then put into practical concrete steps a more intentional life, being able to say “Yes” to what’s a priority for them and “No” to the distractions of the world around them
  • Leadership Development to equip individuals in their positive influence with others, using large group and one on one settings, and
  • Community Service Opportunities to encourage individuals to think beyond themselves, pick an organization that fits their strengths and dreams and then get out and work side by side with others to make a positive impact in their community.

Because our process is tailored to each individual client, how you discover, plan and implement your passions and strengths is just what you’ve always needed to get from “I wish” to “I am doing”! We use proven tools that are neither too light and goofy, nor so complex that you need a Ph.D to understand them. Our tools are cloud based, secure and adapt to fit your lifestyle.

Who we’re here to help….

Lead Thru Example sees a movement of everyday people rejecting the status quo of a life lived just barely surviving each day and instead following their own inner compass, to live out a passionate, strong and contributing significant life!

It spreads like wildfire; everyday “normal” people impacting the life of one other person, who then impacts another person, until a whole city of people are focusing on discovering their unique purpose, what strengths they have been gifted with, and how to impact the lives of those around them for good.

Lead Thru Example helps you focus on changes you can make in your daily schedule, finances, habits, family and friends to go from distracted, stressed and hyperextended to focused, relaxed and on target with your dreams.

We partner with “normal” individuals who are ready to move forward in their lives. There is no babysitting, sitting around the table and whining, feeling sorry for yourself, or having a pity party: It’s you and your Lead Thru Example coach attacking life head on to make immediate small changes that compound into huge dividends over time.

We see single parents, families, students, teachers, blue collar workers and new white collar managers, working through the Lead Thru Example process to release their greatest potential. Meeting the challenges of their lives head on and making that difference they’ve longed to make one step at a time.

We advise, equip, encourage and challenge those ordinary people who look at the world around them and know instinctively “There has to be more than this!” to go from dreaming about a different future – to taking action and making it happen!

Take a few moments to browse our web site and start your journey to unleashing your passions and making a difference in the world…today!