About Us

Lead Thru Example is a small company founded on a big vision!

Officially incorporated in 2012 by John and Jennifer Regan, Lead Thru Example has it’s roots as a tiny dream back in 2008.

The belief that all people have passions and strengths that can, when used fully, make a difference in the world began to be confirmed through a series of job changes by Jennifer, and increased desire in John to help people through leadership development.

Through a series of “learning” mistakes, the concepts of personal coaching began be embraced more fully by John and Jen. After being frustrated by the failure to see real life change after teaching and participating in large group settings (e.g. seminars, classrooms, meetings), John and Jen began to experiment with smaller group settings, and finally saw the life change potential in one-on-one settings! While not as “successful” by the current world’s definition, the massive amount of change (and long lasting change) that one-on-one settings brought cemented the concept of coaching firmly into the growing dream of Lead Thru Example.

We also learned that compartmentalizing your life tends to lead to failure.

Many people see themselves as “work”, “home/family”, “friends”, “faith”, etc. They run from compartment to compartment, sometimes getting frustrated and confused as to who they are supposed to be. We believe that you are one person, experiencing life as an integrated whole person. Being the same person, no matter where or what you do, is key to living a passionate and difference making life. We’re committed to challenging and equipping people to live as an integrated person!

The Lead Thru Example name comes from our deeply held belief that actions speak louder than words!

If you want to make a difference in the world, you first have to change yourself and then allow others to follow your example. “Command and control” or the old “Do as I say, not as I do” attitude never succeeds in life change, just begrudging compliance, and we reject these means of influencing others.

Lead Thru Example trains and develops our coaches from life experience and believes that the best coaches are those who have been coached themselves. Everyone has room to grow and improve and we believe that life long learning is key to unleashing your passions.

Lead Thru Example is passionate about serving other people through volunteer activities and believes that community service truly unleashes your passion for people. We strive to participate in community service events in our local communities, and encourage others to do so as well.

Lead Thru Example is committed to helping spread the idea that you are a valuable person! You don’t need to buy the latest car, house, iDevice, cheeseburger or shoes to be accepted! We are focused on helping people to ignore the distractions of life and focus on what’s really important: other people!