John and Jen


With a background in engineering and passion to pioneer and advise, John brings a unique mix of “easy to talk to geek” to Lead Thru Example. With over 10 years of leadership development, 15 years of information technology management, and a lifetime of planning and process development, John acts as the Lead Thru Example Chief Strategy Officer.

As the Chief Strategy Officer, John is responsible for creating long-term planning for Lead Thru Example. John is a “doer” first with strong experience to help advise and execute. John has worn many hats before at a variety of companies or organizations before taking on the responsibilities and tasks that come with the job title.

Through the process of being coached, John has discovered his passion to encourage people to become more of what they were created to be, to challenge the status quo in ways that move people to action, to strategize and help chart a course for individuals and organizations to impact lives during their journey on earth, and to cast a vision of a better tomorrow and the paths that people can choose to make it happen.

John’s website and blog is:

Jen Regan

Jen has a wide range of experience from: working with Seniors at a Retirement Community to running an Office in a number of different industries, but they all seem to have a common thread, Jen enjoys listening to individuals and hearing their life experiences and stories. It is from this love of listening that brought Jen to her love of Coaching and being a part of walking along side others to help them make important things happen in their lives.

Jen is the Lead Coach at Lead Thru Example.

In addition, Jen utilizes her strengths in administration and organization in her role of Chief Operations Officer. Put simply, Jen runs the Lead Thru Example Administrative Office. As individuals contact Lead Thru Example, Jen is the one walking them through the Coaching set-up process and providing any administrative assistance they may need. She is the one that keeps things running smoothly!

One key question in the Lead Thru Example coaching process is “What motivates you?” The answer to that question for Jen is “Seeing individuals make positive changes in their lives and therefore live the life they are excited about.”

Jen loves seeing her Coaching Clients succeed and that is what she is all about!

Jen’s website and blog is: