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Rock Tumbler – What John’s favorite toy can teach us about life

When I was a little boy, one of my favorite toys was a rock tumbler polishing kit.

The kit included a mechanized tumbling drum, some starter rocks and a couple of pouches of different polishing grits. It looked just like this one:

rock tumbler

You took the rough and nasty looking rocks, added some water and then the polishing grit (most coarse first) and then let the rocks tumble for over 24 hours in a rotating drum that was louder than a diesel semi using the jake brake.  You’d pull out the rocks, clean off the grit and then repeat the process with an finer grit. This process would happen 4 or 5 times and at the end you’d have the is incredibly beautiful polished rock.

I believe that learning to focus on your dreams, striving to leave average behind, is a process a whole lot like rock tumbling.

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One quick step to free up 25 to 55 minutes each day and significantly lower stress

Two of the biggest complaints that my coaching clients have is that they are:

1. pressed for time and
2. stressed out.

I suspect that you’re suffering from the same pressures that they do…

One of the greatest tools of a good coach is questions. Questions allow the client to assess themselves and discover patterns of behavior that are holding them back from their dreams and making a difference in the world.

When I start to ask probing questions about their daily time blocking (what they routinely do every day):

I usually find one easy way to help them remove stress and reclaim between 25 and 55 minutes of their time – every day!

That’s up to 6 hours per week of time that can be used for their important personal development time! Can you imagine what you’d do with an extra 6 hours per week?

Time to change

Here it is in a nutshell, the simple process that you can apply to your life starting tonight.

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Instant Gratification and Unhappiness

I wonder, just how many of us struggle with this..

Instant Gratification


I fall into this habit all to often: Filling the desire for instant gratification instead of embracing the suck and forging forward to the future reward.

Is there something that you want right now?

How can you postpone instant gratification and focus on the future reward of what you want most?

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Says Who? Expectation, Rule Following and Innovation

My entire life I’ve not been a morning person.

Not in the “I prefer to get up a little later” vein.

I’m a “I physically hate mornings” kind of person.

My mind gets sharp and running  around 9 pm and works great up until 3 am if I let it go (college was a fun place to learn about my alertness cycles).

According to many leadership and business experts, this is a crushing problem for me. You see, according to these experts, I need to get up early in the morning, plan my day, have a quiet prayer/meditation time, get breakfast and be ready to go to work and execute to be successful.

After much research and personal experimenting I respond to these experts: Says Who?

Says Who

With a quick Google search I can come up with pro’s and con’s to being both an early bird and a night owl. I’m sure I could start a passionate flame war on either or both sides of the issue.

And I’d be missing the point entirely…

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Is it worth the risk? Knowing what motivates you.

I’m at a crossroads right now.

I have some major decisions to make. Decisions about careers, health and fitness, passions and purpose. The kind of decisions that will necessarily require me to take risks to discover and make the moves.

As I’ve talked with my wife, family, friends, business leaders and my coach, an interesting pattern started to emerge. Some people were concerned about future earnings potential, others about my happiness, still others potential for advancement, and others on making a difference in peoples lives.

Almost as many people as I’ve been talking to, there are different types of advice on what to do, about whether the risks are worth it.


The reason for this boils down to motivation. Specifically what motivates an individual.

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Silence the Noise with Questions

There’s a great scene in the movie “The Hunt for Red October”, a submarine action flick from 1990.

The Red October is running from the Russians and while everyone is chasing the submarine…the following dialog takes place:

Captain Davenport: They’re pinging away with their active sonar like they’re looking for something, but nobody’s listening.
Jack Ryan: What do you mean?
Captain Davenport: Well, they’re moving at almost forty knots. At that speed, they could run right over my daughter’s stereo and not hear it.

The scene resolves with Jack Ryan understanding that the Russians are actually not looking for the submarine, they are trying to drive it somewhere where they can destroy it.

The world today is operating a lot like that scene.


Everyone’s blaring about something. Social media is alive with e-cards, pictures, boo-hoo and look-at-me statements, a veritable wall of “me first” noise. Everyone’s talking, very few are actually listening…and in the tidal wave of “me” noise, something critical has gotten lost: our attention.

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Where Did The Time Go?

Busy. We’re all so incredibly busy.

It’s amazing how quickly time can rush by. I get to the weekend and it feels like yesterday was the start of the week.

It’s no wonder why so many people hate to set goals for their lives. There’s not enough time in the day to get these things done

…or is there?


The human brain is good at “being in the here and now”. When we look back at things, our brains tend to become a little less accurate. We remember things as being either better or worse than they were, but rarely can we accurately recall what happened. Our perceptions cloud our judgement.

It happens to us all. And that’s why we have such a hard time when we feel that we’re too busy.

We look back and there’s not a single extra minute that we could spend doing things that are important to advancing our goals. But we’re not seeing straight. There’s actually lots of time available, we just have to uncover it objectively.

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To Heck with Resolutions

I don’t want to hear about New Year’s Resolutions!

The concept is so cliche that it’s been reduced to a Meme, reduced to a poorly executed joke by D-list celebrities. Worst of all, the concept has been forced upon people as “required”…So, what’s your New Years Resolutions?

The heck with Resolutions!

Resolved Dont

Resolutions don’t work! Tell them that John said “Don’t even bother setting any this year”.

There, I said it, now you’re free.

If you decide to take the start of a calendar year and desire to make a change over time, then let’s talk about setting goals.

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Expectations for the Holidays

We all have expectations, especially around the holiday seasons.

Whether it’s a family gathered together in harmony, a trip to the in-laws, or a quiet time with a few friends, there’s always an idealized picture in our mind of how things are going to be.

It rarely happens.

This leads us to frustration, unhappiness and in some cases anger.


This holiday season let’s approach things a little differently.

The only expectations that you can control are of yourself. You can have a desire that others will do something, but realize that you have no control over them.

If you set expectations of yourself to be present in the moment, understand that we are all imperfect and in process, and enjoy people for who and where they are, you’ll have a great holiday season.

Experience your holiday with no expectations of others, it will make for an enjoyable holiday!

Coaching John

What’s Really A Priority Today?

A few evenings ago we had a scare. At around midnight we were awakened by what sounded like our little dog choking! Of course I shot out of bed and ran to see what was going on. Thankfully she was fine after a few minutes, must have had something caught in her little snout that irritated it, but it was a very scary situation.

After things calmed down (mostly me, the dog was back to normal like nothing happened), the event really brought a key life concept back into focus for me.

Big Rocks - Focus

A life well lived is focused on our priorities.

All the things that I had been worried about as I fell to sleep no longer mattered. Only the really important things matter. But it’s very easy to let the little things in life get blown way out of proportion.

There’s a great example, shown in the video below, about how we can focus on prioritizing our Big Rocks, those things that are really important to us,  and letting all the other “little” things fall where they may.

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