Enjoy Now!

Pre-goal-attainment positive affect…in other words, ENJOY NOW! I am enjoying reading Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project. It is her story of defining happiness for herself and figuring out what that looks like in her life. The term pre-goal-attainment positive affect made me giggle. It sounds like the latest discovered disease. But as I continued to read, it was a great reminder for me. There is a fallacy called “arrival fallacy” which is the belief that when you arrive at a certain destination, you’ll be happy. I love to obtain goals, to put a check-mark on the box, but so many times I forget to enjoy the journey (pre-goal-attainment positive affect).


This subject hits home right now. John and I are in the midst of some pretty hefty financial goals (debt reduction, savings, etc.). The goals we have set are the right ones for where we are in life and to get us to where we want to be in the long term. But I WANT and I NEED! But I CAN’T HAVE right now and that makes me cranky at times. What I have to remember is: * We are doing the RIGHT thing * I will eventually get some of the things on my WANT list * Instead of being cranky about it, I need to find enjoyment in where I am right now. Are you working towards something that is hard, but worth it? If not, should you be? What should that goal be? If you set a goal, and you are willing to be uncomfortable for a short time, you will see dividends for the long term. Find ways to have fun even when you are working hard on your goals! Treat yourself to some Pre-Goal-Attainment Positive Affect!

Side note: If you know you need to move forward in some areas of your life, but you are not sure where to start. I am teaching a great class at St. Charles Community College starting October 22nd for 4 weeks. It’s called Life Planning: Create A Road Map for Your Life. Here is the link for registration! I would love for you to join me! If you do not live in the St. Louis area, but would be interested in the class, let me know. We are developing the curriculum to bring the class as an interactive on-line webinar in the future!

-Coach Jen