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No One Really Cares…and That’s Good!


We’re all worried about what other people think of us.

But there’s a really interesting truth that we need to grasp: No one cares!

Except for a few close friends and family (and I mean a real few), no one really thinks about you (and me).

It’s a bit of an ego bust, not unlike the discovery that the sun doesn’t rotate around the earth, but we are not the center of everyone’s universe.

So why are we so worried about looking bad/stupid/silly/etc in other’s eyes?

The only people who will notice are those who are most important to you, and those that you are serving.

So start this week and do that thing you’ve been afraid to do for so long because of what people will think.

Volunteer with that group you admire, start a charity, run in the rain with your kids, throw away your TV, learn that new musical instrument, visit your parents, be free…

It’s your life…no one else cares…unleash your potential and make a difference in the world!