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Saying Goodbye to 40 possessions in 40 days

I love my stuff! I love the things that I have purchased. They either have a wonderful usefulness to them or I simply love them and they fit my personality and style perfectly. I love my home and being surrounded by the things I love.

But I also love simplicity. I was raised with minimal possessions, even though we had plenty. But to this day, I still thrive when I have less stuff.

I am stuck between two worlds again! This seems to be a theme of mine lately. (I may want to pay attention to that!)

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Starting Wednesday, March 5th, the Roman Catholic Church goes into a time of 40 days of preparation for Easter, and these 40 days are called Lent. I was raised Catholic and consider many of their rituals to be absolutely beautiful. One ritual that I was raised with was giving something up for those 40 days. As a child it was some sort of candy or sweets, but now that I am older, I ask myself each year if there is something I should give up during this time.

Catholic or not, I think that the idea of giving something up for a period of time has huge benefits. It certainly helps us to appreciate what we have in life a lot more.

A wonderful friend of mine mentioned a time that she heard a Benedictine Monk speak. Even though monks own a lot less than the average person, he shared the idea of giving away 40 possessions during the time of Lent. He said the first 20 days were pretty easy, but the last 20 days became very challenging. That is when true sacrifice had to be made.

My friend and I shook hands on it this past week. We have decided to give away 40 possession in the 40 days before Easter.

There are many reasons for doing this, but most important are:

  • I want to bless others during this time. I want to find items that others might love and pass it on to them.
  • I want to enjoy the wonderful side effect of clearing more clutter from my home.
  • I want to sacrifice. This is not something I have to do very often, but I believe it to be very healthy. As I get closer to Easter and the end of my 40 days, I want to be to the point where I am giving up things that I really love, so that I can pass them on to people who will love them as well.

If you want to follow my journey, I will keep you up to date on saying goodbye to 40 possessions in 40 days through this blog as well as share other fun stuff too.

Do you have 40 items you could and should part with? Join me and my friend! Let me know that you have made the commitment and keep me up to date on how it is going!

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