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Thoughts on “Minimalism: Living a Meaningful Life” 8/12/2012

For the next 7 weeks, starting on Monday 8/6, I am going to read a book called “Minimalism: Live A Meaningful Life” by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. I am reading one chapter a week (as suggested) and see where I end up. I want to invite you to join me for the next 7 weeks if it sounds interesting to you. Post what jumps out at you, I would love to compare notes!

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Day 7 of Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life

What it means to live a meaningful life:

The authors discovered five dimensions that allow us to live a meaningful life. The following chapters will go through them one-by-one.

“These are the areas we changed in our lives that had the largest positive impact and results in more satisfaction and contentment for the two of us.”


Let’s take the plunge into “Health” tomorrow!

Anchor Update: I started this morning to dig into one of my attitude anchors. I have also seen others starting to make some changes as well! Great stuff!