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Thoughts on “Minimalism: Living a Meaningful Life” Chapter 5 9/7/2012

For the next 7 weeks, starting on Monday 8/6, I am going to read a book called “Minimalism: Live A Meaningful Life” by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. I am reading one chapter a week (as suggested) and see where I end up. I want to invite you to join me for the next 7 weeks if it sounds interesting to you. Post what jumps out at you, I would love to compare notes!

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Chapter 5 of Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life: Growth

Now that you have taken the time to paint a picture of what you want your future to look like, the next questions is “what small thing can I do today that will move me in that direction?” What is my next small step?….then, what is my next small step?…what is my next small step?…

Take Action

“Once you decided to make a change in your life – once you have enough leverage – it’s important to take immediate action towards making the change.”

“…you should take one small baby step in the right direction. You must build some momentum first. Otherwise, you will expereince large amounts of dissatisfaction and your change won’t last.”

“We didn’t know that making this many changes was possible in such a short period of time, but when we look back at it, we’re incredibly thankful we decided to take some gradual daily actions that changed everything for us in just a couple years.”