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Where Did The Time Go?

Busy. We’re all so incredibly busy.

It’s amazing how quickly time can rush by. I get to the weekend and it feels like yesterday was the start of the week.

It’s no wonder why so many people hate to set goals for their lives. There’s not enough time in the day to get these things done

…or is there?


The human brain is good at “being in the here and now”. When we look back at things, our brains tend to become a little less accurate. We remember things as being either better or worse than they were, but rarely can we accurately recall what happened. Our perceptions cloud our judgement.

It happens to us all. And that’s why we have such a hard time when we feel that we’re too busy.

We look back and there’s not a single extra minute that we could spend doing things that are important to advancing our goals. But we’re not seeing straight. There’s actually lots of time available, we just have to uncover it objectively.

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