I Want Control

I think we can all say that we like control in our lives. Control at work, control of the future, control of our finances, control of our kids, the list goes on and on. But control is not something we often have. Things change, people move on, our dreams don’t become reality, your HVAC unit has to be replaced and it’s more money out of pocket that you were not expecting (I can speak from experience on that one). So what is within our control?


My husband and I were not able to have children. This was a real blow for me because I had always dreamed of staying home, being a homemaker and raising our kids. We discussed adoption, which is a wonderful way to go, but simply did not feel it was the direction we were supposed to take in life. It was a heartbreaking time, but as time went on we both knew we had to adjust and move on. That chapter of our life became final in 2012 when I had a hysterectomy, but with it behind us we ask ourselves, what do we have that is within our control and what can we do about it? We began to dream again, of things we had never thought of before and they are now starting to become a reality.

Where ever you are in life, I encourage you to take time to think about what is within your control. What do you want your life to look like? What do you want you body to look like? Finances? Spirituality? Work? Family? We do have so many things within our control to change. So, just as we plan a vacation or a menu for an upcoming gathering, lets take the time to start planning the changes we want to see in our lives. Take some time in the next few weeks to:

  • Dream about what you want the different areas in your life to look like.
  • Decide on what area(s) you want to change and choose one to start with.
  • Decide on your final goal and write it down. It is best if your goal is specific, measurable, starts with an action verb (run, lose, eliminate, complete), realistic, and has a time of completion/deadline.
  • Decide what small steps you can do TODAY to get started, and start moving!
  • Find someone you trust to hold you accountable and encourage you. You may want to set up a reward system for yourself at certain points of progress.
  • Continue to ask yourself, “What is the next thing I can do to move forward?” and keep moving forward.

We do have so many areas that we have control to change. Stop allowing the things you cannot change to drain you and put all that energy towards an amazing personal goal for yourself.

Are you up for the challenge?. Let us know what you are up to! We would love to hear your amazing story of change and love to help you in any way we can.

-Coach Jen