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I would have never guessed!

At the beginning of this week I knew that it was going to be tough to find things to give away. In fact, each day I have roamed around my house trying to figure out what to part with. But, I have found something to depart with every day and I have experienced something that I did not expect. I was expecting to feel upset about the items that I was parting with. I was expecting to feel real pain. But what I have found is yet more FREEDOM! I cannot explain it in any other way. It has made me realize that I don’t need these items in my life to make me happy. It felt like a breath of fresh air!

Here is what I said goodbye to this week! Week #5, Possessions #29 – #35

dress pants

Possession #29 is a pair of dress pants that I really like, but since I have been eating better and working out, they are simply too big for me. I was tempted to hold on to them in case I gained a few pounds back, but what kind of mindset is that? I do not want to live my life thinking about backsliding, I want to focus on continually improving my life. Therefore, I decided that say goodbye to my pants, and give them to someone else to enjoy. I know that whatever size pants I need in the future, I will be able to purchase them (hopefully on clearance)!


Possession #30 is a bag of cosmetics that I have tried and did not like. I held on to them thinking I might use them some day, but now that I am eating healthy, my skin is looking a feeling better than ever, so goodbye!

Coin Scarf

Possession #31 is a belly dancing scarf. I have two others that I like a lot better, so I do not need this one!

pull bouy

Possession #32 is a “Pull Buoy” still in its package. I love to swim and I bought this when I had a membership to a gym with a pool. I no longer have that membership and really don’t need this sitting around.

door picture

Possession #33 is a picture that I bought for almost nothing on clearance that I was going to put up on our front door. The problem is, we have a lot of door to door solicitors so I always keep my friendly “no solicitors” sign up and never have used this picture.

striped shirt

Possession #34 Back to my closet. This striped shirt is very comfortable, but also getting a little too big for me. I have pulled this shirt out many times to give away, but always put it back in my closet. It is time to finally say farewell!

blue shirt

Possession #35 This shirt is beautiful, but I have NEVER worn it! I simply never have an occasion to use it and now, like much of my clothes, it is getting too big! This one was a hard decision, but it felt GREAT to finally get rid of it! I no longer have to think about when I might be able to wear it.

Sacrifice = More FREEDOM! Who would have guessed! 7 more items gone, 11 more items to go! Wow, this is amazing!

See ya next week! I have no idea what to expect!

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