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Just Do It! (with all deference to Nike)

The world we live in today is full of mixed messages.

• You have to have a retirement plan.
• What are your vacation plans?
• We’re going for review your performance plans.
• Just Do It!
• Carpe Diem




The truth, as always, lives somewhere in between.

As we launch Lead Thru Example, I’ve had to take this advice myself.

You see, I have a huge perfectionist streak as part of my personality.

I could literally spend hours and hours trying to get things tweaked, and never get to the point of launching.

I’m learning to embrace the concept of “permanent beta”.

Michael Hyatt aptly describes this concept in his article:

I’d encourage you today to take a 10 minute look at your life, find the “good enough”, stop talking, and take action.

Where can you embrace permanent beta in your life? Feel free to comment below.

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