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Says Who? Expectation, Rule Following and Innovation

My entire life I’ve not been a morning person.

Not in the “I prefer to get up a little later” vein.

I’m a “I physically hate mornings” kind of person.

My mind gets sharp and running  around 9 pm and works great up until 3 am if I let it go (college was a fun place to learn about my alertness cycles).

According to many leadership and business experts, this is a crushing problem for me. You see, according to these experts, I need to get up early in the morning, plan my day, have a quiet prayer/meditation time, get breakfast and be ready to go to work and execute to be successful.

After much research and personal experimenting I respond to these experts: Says Who?

Says Who

With a quick Google search I can come up with pro’s and con’s to being both an early bird and a night owl. I’m sure I could start a passionate flame war on either or both sides of the issue.

And I’d be missing the point entirely…

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