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Thoughts on “Minimalism: Living a Meaningful Life” 8/8/2012

For the next 7 weeks, starting on Monday 8/6, I am going to read a book called “Minimalism: Live A Meaningful Life” by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. I am reading one chapter a week (as suggested) and see where I end up. I want to invite you to join me for the next 7 weeks if it sounds interesting to you. Post what jumps out at you, I would love to compare notes!


Day 4 of Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life

“So we decided to take an inventory of our lives. We wanted to find out what was making us unhappy, and what we needed to do to change those things in our lives, so we could experience happiness, passion, and freedom – so we could experience a meaningful live.”

The Author’s
Identified anchors (what was making then feel stuck and preventing them from growing)
Identify priorities (split above anchors into major anchors and minor anchors)
Started to remove the anchors (reclaimed time to be used in more meaningful ways)
This book is so good I could go on, but I think we need to stop and spend time putting the above into action. What is the value of reading if we do not apply it? It’s in the application that the good stuff happens.

Take time today or tonight to start identifying, writing down then thinking about how to start removing anchors…them start moving.

If you find the “moving” part to be challenging, let me know and together we can work on creating small steps to get you started.

This step is HUGE in the process of Minimalism! It deserves time if you want to grow in your life!