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Thoughts on “Minimalism: Living a Meaningful Life” Chapter 4 8/29/2012

For the next 7 weeks, starting on Monday 8/6, I am going to read a book called “Minimalism: Live A Meaningful Life” by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. I am reading one chapter a week (as suggested) and see where I end up. I want to invite you to join me for the next 7 weeks if it sounds interesting to you. Post what jumps out at you, I would love to compare notes!

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Chapter 4 of Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life: Passions

Removing the Anchor of Certainty
“Certainty feels nice – it makes you feel comfortable, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy – but it’s often the biggest underlying reason you don’t make the changes you want to make in your life. That is, you’re not happy with your current situation, but you’re comfortable enough today for something that could potentially be less comfortable tomorrow, thus you don’t change. In other words, you associate more pain with changing than you associate pleasure with the change.”

This one is a tough one. Fear of the unknown and fear of failure jump out at me! I guess it is about focusing on the pleasure that comes with the change. Hmmmm (That’s me thinking)!

Removing the Anchor of Money. We recommend the following changes:

  • Get out of debt.
  • Sell your house.
  • Get rid of cable at home.
  • Cancel your bills (other than utilities).
  • Get rid of the Internet at home.
  • Get rid of your TV.
  • Sell or donate anything you don’t use.
  • Stop buying material possessions.
  • Pay off, sell, or get rid of your car.
  • Walk instead of drive when possible.

John and I have started the process of tackling some of these. I have not started “walk instead of drive when possible”. I think I am going to try to work on that one. What do you think of this list?