Coaching John

Using Evernote to become a Mental Jedi Master – or Ninja if that’s your thing.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


The kind of work that mankind was burdened with required the use of brawn and adherence to the rules set by a sect of people called The Management. The majority of humans had set hours that they had to be in a large box called the factory or office or farm. They arrived, completed tasks created for them by The Management, left and went home to their families with a paycheck. The rule of the day was following and information was presented on an as needed basis, typically on large signs encouraging safety, profit and timeliness.

It ain’t like that anymore! Those days are done! Now most of us are what’s fashionably referred to as “Knowledge Workers”. This is polite wording for “your work has no real tangible product”. It’s in the ether, a minuscule piece of a much larger project, or simply idea based.

Making the jump from production based to knowledge based work is still a huge source of friction for most people. And those who are able to successfully integrate knowledge into their daily work seem to be like the mysterious and powerful Master Jedi (or the Ninja for those who are into the oriental arts).

I’m not yet at the Master level yet, but I’m past the padawan stage thanks to learning to use the secret tool known as Evernote.

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