What is Coaching and How Can it Help Me?

It’s not counseling and it’s not a drill sergeant telling you what to do. Coaching is somewhere in the middle.

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

John Wooden – Legendary College Basketball Coach

Coaching is a process focused on you, by you…Coaching is designed to unleash the great potential you have within yourself! Lead Thru Example starts off by partnering with you; getting to know you, what your strengths are, and what dreams you have. Then, together, we look at where you’re struggling, where you see that things aren’t going quite the way you intended them to go, and together you and your coach map out the practical small action steps that you can take to get from “here” to “there”.

Your coach works with you twice a month, typically each session is a 30 minute phone conversation, to see how your map of the future is coming, what action steps you’re taking to get there, and to be a resource when you hit a roadblock or a bend in the road that wasn’t anticipated.

Lead Thru Example coaches have access to hundreds of articles, books, and stories of folks who have “been there – done that” to help you when you need new ideas or just some encouragement that things can get better.

Most importantly, all Lead Thru Example coaches have been there!

We’ve all been in that distracted, stressed, hyperextended lifestyle. Through being coached ourselves, we have discovered the focused, relaxed, and targeted lifestyle that we’ve desired. All Lead Thru Example coaches are here because they genuinely believe in the process of coaching and the positive impact that it can have on a person. Each of our coaches are Certified Life Coaches. Our coaches are passionate about helping you to get where you feel that you’re making a difference in the world. It’s what we’re all about!

Lead Thru Example coaching differs from many other coaching organizations in that we focus on “normal” people. We see value in executive level, job specific and religious focused coaching programs, however, Lead Thru Example believes that the most successful coaching occurs when the entire person is coached, not just a part, or role that the person plays. Also, “normal” people banding together can make a bigger difference in the world more readily. There’s more of us “normal” folks! We’re grassroots! You don’t need a title or to belong to any organization to be coached by Lead Thru Example – you’ve just got to want to unleash your passions and make a difference in the world!

The Lead Thru Example coaching process uses a cloud based platform and tools to help you to discover, plan, track and take action on the steps that you and your coach have decided will help move you forward. Our platform is designed with ease of use in mind, and to be accessible to you when you need it, no matter where you are. Our system is easily accessible from your home computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Coaching is conducted on a yearly term. Each month you have two sessions with your coach where you’ll discuss, in depth, your action plans. Any changes in goals or priorities are discussed, entered into the coaching platform and then tracked throughout the next two weeks as you access your coaching notes.

Lead Thru Example’s coaching process is step by step. While it’s certainly challenging to discover and unleash your passions and then make changes to your life to make a difference, the process can be done by people (and is being done right now by people) of varying financial, educational and lifestyle backgrounds.

There’s a financial investment for you to be coached by Lead Thru Example. Your monthly investment covers your materials, your coaches time in preparing and assisting you in your sessions, and the investment is an incentive to keep going when the going gets tough. There’s money on the line: we tend to take things a whole lot more seriously, when we have our hard earned cash on the line. Think of your investment as a carrot to keep you going when things get busy and you’re stressed out and just want to veg out.

The monthly investment is priced such that it’s affordable to “normal” people.

Check out the Contact us page for details on how to move forward today!