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What’s Really A Priority Today?

A few evenings ago we had a scare. At around midnight we were awakened by what sounded like our little dog choking! Of course I shot out of bed and ran to see what was going on. Thankfully she was fine after a few minutes, must have had something caught in her little snout that irritated it, but it was a very scary situation.

After things calmed down (mostly me, the dog was back to normal like nothing happened), the event really brought a key life concept back into focus for me.

Big Rocks - Focus

A life well lived is focused on our priorities.

All the things that I had been worried about as I fell to sleep no longer mattered. Only the really important things matter. But it’s very easy to let the little things in life get blown way out of proportion.

There’s a great example, shown in the video below, about how we can focus on prioritizing our Big Rocks, those things that are really important to us,  and letting all the other “little” things fall where they may.

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