Coaching John

You Don’t Need Permission Anymore!

So often we feel constrained because we haven’t received an approval / ok / blessing from a gatekeeper to move forward in our lives.

Gatekeepers could be bosses, teachers, “experts”, religious leaders, and sometimes even family members.

In today’s world, however, the gatekeeper limitation has been removed!

Technology and culture has empowered everyone to not only have a voice, but discover and master their passions.

I know, because it’s part of my story!


For many years, I struggled!

I have a burning desire to help people:

  • learn about themselves (their personalities, strengths, and skills),
  • discover their passions,
  • dream about the future
  • and then take action steps to make the dream a reality.

What I didn’t have was a platform with which to exercise this passion: and it was slowly sucking the life out of me!

I tried to implement coaching and leadership development processes in various organizations for the past 10 years, always meeting with obstacles and resistance to setting people free to do what “they” wanted (trusting that it would result in more engaged, productive people). Sadly, this says more about the culture of an organization, but I kept plugging along asking for permission from the gatekeepers since they were the leaders.

Knowing that the coaching and leadership ideas and skills had produced success from reading and learning from others with similar passions pushed me to dream more, hire a coach myself to experience and learn firsthand from the coaching process…and frustrated me deeply because I couldn’t get permission to move forward.

In 2011 as I continued to sharpen my skills in coaching and leadership development, I ran across a short blog post by Tim Schraeder.

Titled: “You Have Permission”, the post systematically removed the false boundaries that I had made for myself in believing that I needed a gatekeeper (boss, organization, etc.) to validate my passion and skills before I could implement them.

Talk about life changing! Within just a few months after reading this article my wife and I had embarked on our journey to bring the encouragement, tools, resources and support that we so deeply believe can help people unleash their potential and make a difference in the world.

Lead Thru Example is the result of that decision, and though it’s been crazy, rocky at times and always a challenge, I gave myself permission to try.

The key for this whole post is in that last sentence: You have to give yourself permission!

Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission, get started on your journey.

You have permission, you just have to tell yourself.

What have you always dreamed of doing that needs your permission?